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Scale Charts: Diatonic Modes

Today is a pretty simple post, just a pdf for each of the seven diatonic modes. Each pdf includes both a large fretboard map for the whole neck, the five CAGED positions and the seven 3NPS (three notes per string) fingerings. Theres also a single pdf with all seven pages as one document.

Note that the CAGED shapes are drawn such that the ‘C’ shape is on the left and the ‘D’ shape on the right – they are not drawn in the order EDCAG as some books/sites might choose to arrange them. I find it makes more sense to begin with the first letter of the word rather than in the middle of the word (even though it is commonly done both ways).

Of course, if you need to refresh yourself as to exactly what is the CAGED system anyway the you might like to check out this series of posts on the CAGED system.

Anyway, here are the PDFs – Enjoy!

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