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Lead Tone

From wood, speakers, eq, distortion, compression, pick-ups, and more. A comprehensive guide to crafting a lead guitar tone.

The CAGED System

A seven-part series on the CAGED system of fretboard navigation.

Introduction to Modes

An eight-part series covering the theory behind the major diatonic modes, as well as a brief introduction to the melodic minor modes

An Introduction to Chords

A series that introduces basic triads, as well as seventh chords, extended chords and chords with other added colours.

“I can communicate far better on a guitar than I can through my mouth.”

–Jimmy Page

String Gauge

Do bigger strings really make a bigger tone?

TAB vs Notation

What are the benefits of learning notation? Is it necessary, or is tabulature sufficient?

Why Practice Slow?

Students rarely enjoy practicing slow, but do many teachers find it so important?

“If you are feeling emotional when you are creating something, then it’ll sound that way.”

— Steve Vai

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