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Lead Tone 4: EQ and Distortion Voicing

There are many ways of using EQ to enhance tone. Pickups all have their own EQ curves, and amplifiers have distinct mid-scoops which affect the final tone, and also there is the response curve of the speaker which rolls off the upper frequencies. This post finishes our look at distortion and introduces EQ by focusing on using EQ to ‘voice’ the distortion.

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Warmoth Parts Review

A review of the Warmoth Neck and Body. TremKing review coming next week.

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Kinman Pickups Review

This is a quick review of the Kinman Pickups I installed in my strat. Next week I’ll do a review on the TremKing and Warmoth stuff too.

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Making a Stratocaster

A walk through of the decision making process of organising a parts list for my first ‘DIY’ guitar. Essentially I talk about the ‘whys and the wherefores’ behind how I choose the parts for my dream strat.

If you’ve read the ‘About’ page, you’ll know that I am a classical guitarist, with barely any experience playing other styles. This entire website is a diary of sorts, documenting and discussing all the new techniques/experiences that I encounter as I ‘branch out’ into new styles.

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String Gauge

Choosing your string gauge is a very personal thing and there is no right or wrong, but I can give you some food for thought.