Installing A Tremolo (and Replacing the TremKing)

I finally had enough with the TremKing so out it came.

DIY Reviews

TremKing Review

The TremKing is a new design of tremolo, which the TremKing people call a ‘fixed-bridge’ tremolo.

DIY Gear/Effects/Accessories Reviews

Warmoth Parts Review

A review of the Warmoth Neck and Body. TremKing review coming next week.

DIY Gear/Effects/Accessories

Making a Stratocaster

A walk through of the decision making process of organising a parts list for my first ‘DIY’ guitar. Essentially I talk about the ‘whys and the wherefores’ behind how I choose the parts for my dream strat.

If you’ve read the ‘About’ page, you’ll know that I am a classical guitarist, with barely any experience playing other styles. This entire website is a diary of sorts, documenting and discussing all the new techniques/experiences that I encounter as I ‘branch out’ into new styles.